November 2018

Corporate Internet Marketing Strategy

Four Vital Corporate Internet Marketing Strategy Tips The goal of any good corporate internet marketing strategy should be to get more customers and build the corporate brand.  A key tool to doing this is the website. A website is made up of three essential components: URL/Hosting, graphics/design, and written content. Many website creators are preoccupied […]

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10 Steps To Content Marketing and ONE SEO Secret! What is Blogging? Blogging is simply putting content on the web for Google and the other search engines to consume and add to their database. Why would someone do Blogging? Blogging and content marketing are done to leverage the power of search engines. If someone types in

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Effective Internet Advertising Strategy Tips

Effective Internet Advertising Strategy Tips More and more businesses are looking for effective internet advertising strategy tips to promote their products, reach out to their consumers and attract new potential users. While the business objectives and communication goals in Internet marketing do not vary drastically compared to traditional advertising, the methods used in Internet marketing

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Advertising Landing Page

Advertising Landing Page An advertising landing page is where you convert the leads from your Internet advertising or Internet marketing campaigns into prospects.  Ok, enough of the marketing jargons.  An advertising landing page is where you turn your efforts into money.  This is where the rubber hits the road. I bet I have your attention now. I could

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