Meet The Guys

We are partners of the Wizard of Ads.

The Wizard of Ads Group LLC was founded in 2000 by Roy Williams, The Wizard of Ads. Here is a brief introduction to our team.

Stephen Semple

Stephen Semple is our direct response guy. He writes direct mail letters, magazine ads, postcards and billboards. He designs interesting packaging so that anything mailed gets opened and read. He also builds tradeshow messaging and strategies that gets leads. Stephen is also the President of Wizard of Ads Canada.

Gary Bernier

Gary is all things digital. Gary is a PPC (Pay Per Click – Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads) guy. An expert in content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). He create the backend automation systems that remove the hard work of tracking and measuring multistep online campaigns.

Mick Torbay

Mick is our radio and television ad guy. Mick writes awesome ads that get attention and makes our client the one that is liked the most and thought of first.

Peter Nevland

Peter creates the characters in our campaigns. This is no easy task and few in the world match Peter’s talent. Characters and the power to use characters to build trust is something you will learn when we start to work together.

David Young

David is our blogging expert. He has build massive expertise helping clients create a constant stream of video and other blogging content.

Tom Wanek

Tom creates media strategy. Want to know what is the best media to use – Tom will answer this question with numbers and analysis.

Steve Rae

Steve is our media buyer. Buying media is not easy. You need to be a tough negotiator to get the best price possible.

Sarah Klenke

Is our social media expert, all things Twitter, Facebook…

Roy H. Williams

Roy is simply the Wizard of Ads. If a campaign is not working as well as we would like or we hit a roadblock – Roy is the fixer.
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