We Believe

We believe consultants should be paid for results.

We believe marketing is a science.

We believe the best ideas come in the shower.

We believe we are the best in the world at relationship marketing.

We believe in our customers.

We believe that Broca, the gatekeeper in your brain, bitch slaps boring.

We believe that surprises, the unexpected, creating discomfort, and being jarring is what bitch slaps Broca.

We believe if you have a great product or service the world deserves to know about it.

We believe we are fun and hilarious.

We believe you may not find us fun and hilarious.

We believe in celebrating success together.

We believe it takes a team to achieve big things.

We believe the best consultants help you identify your blind spots.

We believe in cheating. We only take on customers that we know how to get to the next level.

We believe when great marketing meets a great business explosive growth occurs.

We believe we should never stop learning.

We believe that rush hour traffic was created by radio stations to sell advertising.

We believe ALL purchase decisions are made emotionally.

We believe being outside is good for the soul.

We believe we can be a pain in the ass.