Winning Is Crazy



What is the Empire Builders Program?

That is why we created The Empire Building Programs.  To turn your owner-operated business into an unbeatable force.  To turn your business into an empire.  To make your business…. The business of your dreams.  But it takes guts.

You cannot become an unbeatable force by doing what the leader does.  By definition that makes you a follower: not a leader.  It also means you think that you can beat the existing leader by playing their game.  That is a whole different brand of crazy. 

If you feel you can win by simply doing more of what you are doing now.  Then you don’t need us.  But let me ask you this question.  Doing more the same and expecting a different result is a definition of what?  Crazy.  But NOT our brand of crazy.

So, what is our brand of crazy?

Our brand of crazy requires you to be Bold.  To create a Bold idea that will set you apart from your competition.  To create a Bold idea that will make you loved by your customers and hated by your competitors.  The Bold idea can be many things.  A new service.  A different way of promoting your product.  A guarantee.  There is an endless world of Bold ideas.  But what they all have in common is:  it not being done in your industry, and it is a little scary.  That makes it a Bold Idea.  This is how business empires are built.


Look at the business empires of today....

Peel back the layers of the onion.  Go back to when they were a small business like yours.  And what you will find is a business that did something, that at the time, was bold.  It may be copied today.  But they were the first.  They were the crazy ones that set a new path that others followed.

Still not sure about that?

Then you need to listen to our Empire Builders Podcast.

This is a business and marketing podcast that is different.  Most business books and podcasts look at what the business empires are doing today.  What are they doing to maintain their empire?  That is not what we are doing here.

Dave and Stephen are going back in time.  They are looking at the business empires of today and asking the question.  “What did they do when they were small that turned them into the mighty empires they are today.”  And what can you learn from them that you can actually use.

Stephen is a business geek.  He is one of those guys that read business magazines in high school.  He studied business at University.  He became a portfolio manager and studied business more.  He became a marketing expert because he learned – that is where the gold is.

If want to build an empire.  These are the stories you need to hear.

And let me tell you the fun part.  The fun part is when you execute one of these ideas.  At first your competitors will think you are crazy.  Then after you kick their ass.  They will be left sitting back sitting back, scratching their heads wondering.  How do you come up with such a great, game changing idea?

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