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New Brand Identity for 2022

Most of us get in our cars and go. We think very little about the suspension under the car until we feel a bump. The team at SPL Parts is the complete opposite. They are obsessed with car suspension parts.

SPL Parts in Austin, Texas, is a US manufacturer of high end fully adjustable suspension parts. Their parts are elegant even though nobody sees them when they walk by a car with them. But for the racer, the drifter, and tuner, these are the parts to have.

SPL Parts ship their parts worldwide. This sizeable geographic marketplace creates a bit of a challenge when marketing them. How does a small business market to a worldwide audience?

You can’t use radio, television, direct mail, or flyers. The only way to reach their potential market is online. But how do you do that cost-effectively?

How do you expose the largest number of people to your product for the lowest price?

The answer has been a combination of YouTube preroll ads and Facebook and Instagram advertisements supported with an Adwords remarketing campaign. The ads get someone to the website the first time, and the remarketing provides the repetition to remind them of the products.

The key to the YouTube preroll ads is that the critical message needs to be delivered in the first five seconds before the “SKIP AD” button shows up.

To promote their once a year sale and increase their Facebook and Instagram audience’s size, we ran the following video ad.

Black Friday Ad to drive sales before Black Friday
Surprise Sale Extension

2020 was already a record year for SPL Parts. They exceeded their annual growth plan by the end of October. Our goal for the Black Friday Sale was to make it the best November and December ever. The good news it produced a record in November and a record month for the company a new bar has been set.

Part 2 – 2021

Like most businesses SPL was challenged by growth, and supply chain issues. However, they managed to have a great year despite all the issues.

Record growth

What’s coming next

Exciting times are ahead for 2022 with a new visual brand identity, a new facility, and more racing.

SPL's New Building
Gary and Sean checking out the new building

Wizard of Ads Partner Team

Ryan Chute – Sales Specialist

Gary Bernier – Marketing Strategy and Digital Marketing

Dylan Bernier – Video Creation

Jay Mistry – Design

Matthew Burns – Visual Identity

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