Increase Business Growth Process

Increase business growth by doing the right work upfront and leveraging it for years to come. Successful long-term campaigns are built on a solid foundation.

Increase Business Growth Process Overview

Our fees are broken out into two components, just like our process. There are 2 types of fees: one-time upfront fees for the creation of the plan and ongoing monthly fees for execution.

One Time – Upfront Activities

Starter Session (90 minutes)

The Blind Spot Session (1 day)

  • $2500  – You bring the check and put it on the table in front of you. If at the end of the day you feel it has been worth every penny, you slide it across to us. If not you take it back and tear it up.
  • In this session, you will discover your two biggest blindspots:
    1. The limiting factor that stands in the way of your growth, and
    2. The aspect of your business that is great that you are not highlighting today what could make all the difference in attracting new customers

The Business Uncovery & Strategy Presentation (3 days)

  • Business Uncovery Session (2 days)
    • Creation of plan and recommendation
  • Presentation of Strategy (1 day)
  • Flat fee TBD – general fee guideline can be found below

On-going Execution

There is a monthly fee for the ongoing execution (for list of activities see Our Process Diagram). This fee occurs after the One Time – Upfront Activities and following your approval of the Strategy and Plan. A general guideline of how these fees are calculated can be found below.

We do not get paid a commission for media, kickbacks from suppliers or any referral or commission fee of any type. The only payments that we receive for your account are paid directly by you.

Annually this fee will be reviewed based upon the growth of your company. When you grow, our fee increases by the percentage that you have grown. Your sales decline and our fee is reduced by the same percentage. We have a strong incentive to grow your business. In fact, we start with a lower fee when we see a business with amazing growth potential.   If your business is already the top dog and growth potential is limited then we start with a larger fee.

Fee Guideline

If your business has $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 in sales and you have the market potential and infrastructure in place to double sales over the next 5 years; a good guideline to use would be 1% of sales for Execution. If you are doing $2,500,000, this would convert to $25,000 per year, or just over $2,000 per month. ($1,000 minimum)

The Uncovery Fee is 3 to 6 times the monthly fee ($8,500 minimum).

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