Facebook Marketing and Facebook Advertising Overview

Facebook Marketing

Businesses can make use of Facebook in two ways. The first one uses Facebook to create and post content regularly as a content management platform. The second way is Facebook advertising, paying Facebook to display your ads before your target audience.

Most people are familiar with posting photos and small captions on Facebook. When you do that for your business, it is called content marketing or Facebook marketing. You create the photos, the words, and/or the videos. And post them to your business page so that all of your followers and people that like your page will see it.

You’re investing your time creating the content and posting it on Facebook to inform your audience of what’s happening.

The Four Goals of Content Marketing are:

  1. Have someone find your content
  2. Fall in love with your content

Like or Share

Become a member of your audience (Subscribe or Follow)

Regularly consume your content (reading, listening, watching)

  1. Elevate to the next level, typically become a customer
  2. Maintain them as a subscriber, follower, or customer

Get them to buy more.

To get people to fall in love with your content, you have to supply them with things that tug on their emotions:

  • Timely, newsworthy, new 
  • Intriguing, insightful, informative
  • Weird, Bizarre, Shocking
  • Funny, humorous
  • Sad, heartfelt

To help people fall in love with your content.

  • You have to publish consistently and publish properly
  • Follow the platforms algorithm best practices
  • Include #hashtags
  • Connect with other people use @____ to link your post to them.

Click here to find out more about creating a never-ending supply of content for your business.

Facebook Advertising

You create ads and spend money to put them in front of an audience. Ads are made up of a headline, a description, the URL (the website you want them to go to), a button, and an image or video.

Facebook Ads

Watch the video to see how to get into Facebook Ads Manager from your business page and create your first campaign along with the ad set and ad.

Facebook Advertising is a great way to expand your audience and expand the exposure to your business and its products or services.

Gary Bernier
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