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Now learn how to get everyone to know you. Get more leads than ever before.  More customers than you thought you could.  Now’s the time to understand how your pricing strategy influences your best customer.  Discounting isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.  It’s time to discover how to become the first company that people think of when they need your service.  Become loved the best in your industry.  Create a scalable and duplicatable marketing systems that will allow you to dominate your market and grow into new ones.

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More Leads

When lead flow is stuck you can feel like you are the worlds best kept secret.  If only more people knew about you and understood how great you are: you would have more leads.   The solution to this problem is different for every business and every industry. 

This is why I created The Empire Builder Starter Session.  This session is a 90-minute meeting conducted over Zoom where one of the Empire Builders will work with you, one-on-one, to help you take the first step to solving this problem.  The most common symptoms of this problem are:

  • Not targeting the right customers
  • Not using the right media
  • Not leveraging social media
  • Not spending the right amount on promotion (too little or too much)

But before we can create a solution for you, we need to know a little bit more about you and your company.  When you book the Starter Session you will be sent an Empire Builders Starter Kit that will include a scorecard and questionnaire.  Completing this Starter Kit will give us the information we need to give you valuable advice that you can use.

This is NOT as sales pitch.  I guarantee it.

If you do not feel this meeting was worth your time.  I will send you a $100 Starbucks Gift Card. 

This is part of our No Pitching and No Bitching Guarantee.

One more thing.  The easiest way in the world to drive more leads would be to do a discount, lower your prices, or have a sale.  I stand against discounts.  Want to learn how to create more leads without discounts?

No Discounting

It is easy to attract price sensitive customers.  It is much harder to attract customers that are willing to pay you the premium price you deserve.  This is what we do.  We create marketing plans that filter out the tire kicking, soul sucking, price shoppers and attracts prospects that are prepared to pay a premium price.  The first key is to stop advertising sales, offering discounts or lowering your prices.  As soon as you offer a single discount you create price sensitive customers.  You want proof – click here for the research.

The second part is to create marketing that builds trust.  Promoting features and benefits does not build trust.  Trust is built through emotional bonds.  Trust is an emotion.  Trust is a feeling.  But it is a feeling that can be created with carefully crafted marketing and promotion.  And today, this is where you are failing.  And I can prove it.  Take out a pen and write down all the things that you do to build trust.  Now, ask yourself this question.  Do these things happen before or after your prospect become a customer?  I bet most of your list happens after the sale. 

 Now imagine a situation where you are doing things that build trust before they ever reach out to contact you.  That they come to you already trusting that you are the best solution to their problem. 

 This is what BGG does.  We are the best in the world at creating messages and campaigns that build trust.  Our customers are more expensive than their customers and are growing.  We only work with businesses that want to be the highest priced in their space.  If you want to build your business on coupons and discounts you are in the wrong place.

 Want to learn more about how to increase prices – ORDER COMIC

Become the Obvious Choice

Imagine being the obvious choice in your prospects mind.  Having an offering that is so compelling that your prospect would feel they are foolish to select anyone else.  And I am not talking about value stacks or deep discounts.  Sounds crazy right?  Well, we do crazy and we do crazy really well.


You can do this.  But it means being bold.  Doing something different.  Standing out.


Have you ever noticed, that when a business comes along and completely change an industry it is almost always led by someone from outside the industry.  That is what my podcast, The Empire Builders Podcast, is all about.  Looking at the business empires of today and reverse engineering what they did to become successful.  In every case, they did something that at the time felt crazy.  They were not following best practises.  Or learning from the leaders in their industry.  In fact, what they were doing was creating a new set of rules that takes over the world.  This is what makes them the obvious choice for their customers.


This is not easy.  This takes time, energy, focus and determination.  That is why I created The Bold Idea Day. 

Create a Scalable Path

When you hire us we create a scalable plan.  Build for you a path to 10x Growth.  This is a plan for owner operated businesses. It is a plan that over time will become predictable and manageable.  This plan is created as part of our service. 

We call this plan:      The 10X Growth Plan

But we cannot create that plan until we have made you the obvious choice.  And that requires a Bold Idea.  – Book day

And it is not theoretical.  We have done this.  More than once.

Are you ready?

Getting Started is Easy.

90 Minutes is All it Takes.

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