Growing Your Empire

  • All starts with driving more leads.
  • But not any leads, leads that support charging the highest prices (no discounting).
  • And doing something that makes you really standout. Making you the only choice in your customer’s mind.
  • And in a way that is scalable. Giving you a clear path to 10x Growth

Then one day, a big company will drive up to your door with a cube van full of cash to buy your business. This is not a pipe dream; we have had it happen; more than once. So be ready.

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Winning is Crazy

You cannot become an unbeatable force by doing what the leader does.  By definition that makes you a follower; not a leader.  It also means you think that you can beat the existing leader by playing their game.  That is a whole different kind of crazy.

The Empire Builders Process

This is a step-by-step program divided into six distinct stages designed to 10x your business


There are 3 parts to our pricing. There is a range to these pricing due to the size and complexity of your business and the scope of services you would like us to provide.
  1. The Business Growth Foundation ($3,000 – xxxxx)
  2. The Empire Building Plan which includes the creation of your authentic story ($15,000 – $150,000)
  3. The 10x Growth Implementation ($1,000 – $50,000 a month)
Click here and you will find more information to help you determine your price range. You can also find more details about our process.

Getting Started is Easy.

90 Minutes is All it Takes.

The Podcast

Come listen to the podcast as Stephen reverse engineers business success.

The Comic

That right… check out the first of the comic series, “Raising Prices”.

The Blog

Inspiration and insights on what it takes to market and grow your business.

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