The Process

The Empire Builders Process is a step-by-step program divided into six distinct stages

​The Empire Builder Starter Kit

The Empire Builder Starter Kit consists of a Scorecard and Questionnaire. The Scorecard provides you with a snapshot of your strengths and weaknesses while the questionnaire provides clarity around your goals. It also summarizes the competitive challenges and opportunities you face. It gives us a lay of the land and an inventory of the materials that we have to work with to build your empire.

​The Empire Builder Starter Session - Free

Once you have completed the Starter Kit you will be ready to participate in the Starter Session. In the Starter Session you will identify the customers you should be trying to reach, determine the best media to use to reach them, determine your marketing budget, and learn the role of social media can play. At this stage you are organizing your tools for building your empire.

The Business Growth Foundation

At the end of the Bold Idea Day you will have a concept that you can use to increase sales. A Bold Idea that you can use to separate yourself from your competition and gain more customers. Implementing the bold idea is the foundational step to building your empire.

The Authentic Story Creation Stage

Every business has hidden assets that they are not using to build their business. In the Uncovery process we dig hard to find every opportunity and every asset that you can use to grow the business. In the alignment process we will learn the non-negotiables and discover the things that need to be defended. At this stage you are adding resources to use in building your empire.​ 5 Million Dollar Business

​The Empire Building Plan

This is the plan. How you are going to take business from your competition in order to grow. How you are going to best use your resources for maximum effect. How you are going win the hearts of your prospective customers. It includes your Bold Idea, media recommendations and execution. You now have all the pieces needed to build your empire.

The 10X Growth Implementation

Execution of the plan. Great execution combined with time leads to empires. Time to plant your flag and claim your territory.
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