Small Empire

$1 – $5 Million in Sales

The Process and Pricing

The Empire Builders Starter Kit – No Charge

The Empire Builders Starter Session – No Charge

The Business Growth Foundation – $1,500*

The Authentic Story Creation Stage – $15,000 – $50,000

The Empire Building Plan – Included with the story stage.

The 10x Growth Implementation – $1,500 – $4,500 per month

You have a great
small business

You have survived the Startup Phase.  And congratulations, the vast majority of the business on the planet fail to survive this phase.  But you want to do more that survive.  You want to thrive.  You want to become that business that you dreamed about the day you launched.  But as a small business, you face the following realities.

  • You have a limited advertising budget.
  • You are not sure what media to use
  • When you advertise somewhere the first question they have for you is “what do you want to advertise”, and you don’t know.
  •  You are getting conflicting advice.
  • You need to stand out and become better known.

The Challenge

You are now at the stage that you would like to hire someone to help you with marketing.  You want to find the right company to hire but it is hard because

  • They need to know how to work with small budgets.
  • They need to have expertise with small businesses.
  • They need to have a wide range of expertise.
  • They need to be motivated.


The BGG are experts at working with this sized business.  We have partners that specifically want to work with people like you and not with large companies.  Your sized business is their passion.  They want to work with a person.  A family.  Not some faceless, nameless corporation.  Real people.

They work with people who have big dreams and small budgets.

Get to know us.  Take us up on The Empire Builders Starter Session.  We guarantee it will be worth your while.

Getting Started is Easy.

90 Minutes is All it Takes.

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