Griffin Service SOLD 18 months later for big $

Tom Casey is the owner of Griffin Service, a home services company in Jacksonville, Florida. Tom is an empire builder in every sense. His favorite word is Boom! The strange thing is Tom had no intention of being an empire builder again; he thought he was going to retire. Listen to Tom; tell that story.

Florida Rate AC is Tom’s bold idea. Tom is bold enough to call his competition out as lazy, no good, cheapskates that will cut corners. And Tom does deliver a superior solution for his customers. Take a listen.

Florida Rated AC - Griffin Service

As this campaign rolled out, Tom has cut his digital marketing spend because people are now looking for Griffin Service directly instead of what Tom does. What we couldn’t have anticipated was the reaction to the Roar at the end of the commercials.

We leveraged this accidental magic and mixed up …

We call it accidental magic because we had no idea that someone would challenge our Griffin roar when we put it together. These are the beautiful moments that happen when you are bold enough to push the envelope.

This year wasn’t exactly easy for Tom. He had to change some staff, hire some new staff—document new business processes. Purchase new equipment, invest in training. But, an empire builder like Tom knows growth is great, and with growth comes new challenges. Empire builders look forward to these challenges as they know the right things have happened if they need to deal with them.

Tom and Griffin Service are experiencing their best year ever. We just finished creating the growth plan for 2021. Boom! 2021 is going to be an exciting year.

The Final Chapter

Who knew at the beginning of 2021 that Tom would sell his business in early 2022 for a ridiculous amount of money. Why ridiculous because he didn’t want to sell, so he put a crazy price tag on Griffin Services, and the buyer bought it anyways.

Griffin’s inbound phone calls were up 86% year over year (2021 to 2020), their bookings were up 168% YoY, and they finished 21% over plan for a record year.

This was one of the last ads we ran – a dialog collaboration between Gary an Jeff.
Griffin’s Funnel similar to many businesses Marketing and Advertising drive Website visits, that create contacts (Phone Calls, Chats, Appointments)
We drove Direct Traffic – people typing in GriffinService.com to new hights
The resulting call volume reached new levels
Those new leads were converted in to big increases in revenue.

Wizard of Ads Partner Team

Jeff Sexton – Writer

Gary Bernier – Digital

Joe Hamilton – Media Buyer

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