NoBull RV Sales

We love Rick Showers. Owner of No Bull RV Sales in Edmonton. Rick is our kind of empire builder. Rick demonstrates accurate thinking. Accurate thinking is seeing things as they are not the way we want them to be. Rick understands 2020 is a crazy year, and that worked out in his favor.

Rick made the bold move of committing to his media buy right in the first wave of the pandemic when everybody else was canceling their marketing. Also, he followed our advice and advertised his desire to bring your used RV onto his lot and sell it for you.

Notice he never said he sells RVs. Most people would want to make sure the ad says they sell RVs. But, not Rick. He knew people could figure it out for themselves. And Rick had his best months ever in June and July. However, in August, there was an issue. Web traffic was up, phone calls were up, and sales were off. It was still ok, but he could have gotten more, and Rick wants to make every sale possible.

Because Rick is an accurate thinker, it was easy for him to see the problem and build a plan so that it wouldn’t happen again. Wouldn’t it be great if your business had too many leads and you had to scramble to keep up?

Rick is smart enough to work on his business in the slow time of year and in his business during peak season. But that doesn’t mean he stops marketing. Not Rick. Rick is running ads all year long.

Here’s an ad about a special star.

Here are some pictures of NoBull RV.

No Bull RV Edmonton AB
No Bull RV Edmonton, AB

Rick is bold enough to do these things, are you? He has had an incredible year in 2020 and is looking forward to doing even better in 2021.

There are more Rick Showers stories because this is just part of what the team he has assembled has done for him.

Wizard of Ads Partner Team

Stephen Semple – Marketing Strategist

Mick Torbay – Radio Ad writer

Asia Greg – Kijiji Ad writer

Joe Hamilton – Media Buyer

Jay Mistry – Designer

Gary Bernier – Digital

Ryan Chute – Sales Coach