Unfair Marketing versus Traditional Marketing

The traditional marketing process starts at the point of decision-making. There is a moment, a trigger if you will, that kick start all buying decisions.

Triggers can be external events such as the air conditioning failing, roof leaking or needing to move because of a child coming. Triggers can also be internal decisions like it is time to get serious about investing or losing weight. These triggers move the prospect into buying mode. Before the trigger, they are uninterested in the features, benefits and price of the product or service. Once the trigger fires they then move into buying and researching mode. In the Traditional Marketing Process, it is at this moment that a potential customer is born.

Traditional marketers target these potential customers and create messages to compel them to buy from their guy. The only people interested in feature, benefits and sales are the people in buying mode. Traditional targeting then becomes important.

Traditional marketers fight over advertising in places that people go for research such as Google. At this point, everyone is fighting tooth and nail for the attention of that one customer that is ready to buy. It is crowded and expensive.

We do things differently. What we do is give you an Unfair Advantage.

What is Unfair Marketing?

The Unfair Marketing Program subverts this process. In Unfair Marketing, we create a message that connects with consumers that are not shopping for your product or service. We use messaging that develops a bond with these consumers. It is not about features, benefits or price because the consumer is not in a buying mode – yet. It is about building an emotional bond and desire before the purchase decision. Why would we do this you ask? For this strategic reason. When you bond with the customer ahead of time, by the time the purchase trigger happens, they have already decided they are buying from you. You have won the war before the first shot is fired. Your competition does not have a chance. It is an Unfair Advantage. And it can be your Unfair Advantage.

Think this is not possible. Consider this. The Prefrontal Cortex, the place where all decisions are made, does not process language. It operates on feelings. The Unfair Marketing Program leverages the knowledge of the how the brain makes decisions to create an emotional bond (I like these guys) long before the competition has even created a battle plan. Game, set, and match before your competitor even arrives at the court.

Unfair Marketing is Not for Everyone

The Unfair Marketing Approach does not work well for simple, inexpensive products and services that are purchased on a regular basis. It works best for products and services with a long buying cycle, high price tag, and is challenging to explain the benefit and differences.

It attracts relationship-based consumers that are more concerned about making the right decision than getting the best deal.

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