Social Media Marketing I’m one too

Connection in social media starts with “And, I am too”, and ends with likes and shares.

It starts with someone saying, “I am …” Car guy, walking dead fan, couch potato,

and you find yourself saying – “And, I am too” 

It can be said in your head or out loud.

“I am too” says you share the same interest. 

It’s why stuff connects with you. It’s your kind of stuff.

Your fellow tribe members know what you like, don’t like and are interested in because of the way you interact with them.

You click like. You share. You comment. You participate.

If you like this, then I bet you will like this too.

Traditional marketing says, “Here is why you will like this.”

To become successful in Social Message marketing your posts need to be:

  • content that reenforces “I am like you”
    • We believe Porsches are awesome cars
    • We believe cars should be cool
    • Content that reinforces these beliefs
      • Some will speak poorly of those that don’t believe
  • Why I like this or I dislike this
    • written from the perspective of tribe member

It provides that moment of entertainment in a normally boring day. It transports the viewer from boring to their happy place.

You can’t fake being a member. Your comments have to be helpful and genuine. Not Advertising.

You can be an interested outsider, a wannabe.

Or one of those brave enough to join the exclusive club that say “I am too.”

Social Message Marketing requires commitment and dedication. It requires time. Patience.

It is not Advertising. It is not a market. It’s a tribe.

It is about para-social influence. 

Pictures, Mimes, Videos of other tribe members doing cool, interesting, humorous things.
They are showing off the products being used (demonstrations) and talking about them in a way the tribe finds beneficial.

You have to be comfortable with people not liking you. You need perseverance and thick skin.

If you have obtain a leadership position they will want to be like you.

If you contribute a lot they need to feel like they know you and trust what you have to say. Because you are one of them.

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