Social Media Marketing Self Identification

Social Media Marketing and the magic key words “I am a…”

Three most important words in social media marketing – “I am a …”

Self identification in social media is the key to connection. How proud members will broadcast your message to the tribe.

I’m a Canadian, I’m a Walking Dead fan for example.

I’m a car guy, Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars… is a car guy

Gary Bernier and Rick Harrison from Pawnstars
Talking cars with Rick Harrison from Pawnstars

Yes Rick and I talked about his favourite car.

I’m a Porsche guy, Jerry Seinfeld is a Porsche guy.

When I meet Jerry I will definitely talk to him about his Porsches.

The key to self identification in social media is how people finish I’m a…

They are identifying with an action (something they do) or belief (something they believe in like a political party)

Something they are proud of, and take pride in.

It’s not possible to say I’m a couch person – there is no tribe for couch people, and you can’t build one.

However,  there is a tribe of Couch Potato’s.  They enjoy their time on the couch, they hate leaving the couch. They buy the couch with the builtin cooler so they can spend more time on the couch. And they’ll post a picture of them on their nifty new couch on social media. Others tribe members will like it and share it. These people are interested in anyway to be more comfortable and be able to spend longer on the couch.

To build a following in social media you need to share what you have in common with them.

When you share what you have in common with them they will follow.

Because you like what they like, they want to see, watch and read the same stuff as you.  They become interested in what you have to share.

They find it entertaining.

With entertainment we buy their time and attention.

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