Content Marketing Strategy for Social Media Marketing

The question we hear all the time is, “How do I create ongoing social media content about my business that will increase my likes, follows, and sales?”

The answer is reality TV has taught us that just about any work can become a good story. The story of what you do regularly has a beginning, middle, and end. Things happen to you and the people you interact with along the way, and everyone has emotional reactions to the events. We, as the audience, anticipate those reactions.

Content Marketing Strategy using stories

Your story can begin with what you plan to do, the research you do. Then the beginning of the doing. What happened during the doing. How it worked out and what comes next. To bring the emotion into your story, add the feels. How do you feel about it? How do others react to it?

For example, a customer of mine, SPL Parts, makes high-end suspension parts for people who take their cars to the race track. They regularly take their factory cars to the race track. The beats of this story are: getting ready to go, packing up the vehicles, traveling to the race track, at the race track set up, in the car, racing, post-race, packing up heading home. These are the steps in the journey; however, the content or pictures are much better if the wife and kids are waving goodbye to the truck and trailer pulling out. Smiling, looking at the track, smiling with the helmet on in the car, frustrated with a wrench in hand, holding a trophy, or looking at the winners, welcome back by the dog and family. Bringing the reaction into the pictures engages and entertains the audience and tells a better story.

Ok, something a little more mundane, perhaps? Like them engineering a new part. How can we make this story more interesting? What about a picture of a sketch pad, then a picture of the 3D modeling software with the engineer looking inquisitive, holding a prototype, happy or unhappy with it, smiling as they refine the design. Hopefully, you get the idea. You deconstruct your work process and figure out how to wrap it in a story told by emotional pictures or video.

Content Marketing Strategy using company content and the calendar

On top of telling stories about what you do, you have regular company content: Birthdays, Anniversaries (company, employee), company meetings/events, employee awards, hiring & training, food, pets, and kids. Examples are in the video.

You also have calendar-driven content moments: New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Halloween, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Holidays/Christmas.

Bonus content ideas include: Tieing into something newsworthy, historical, and testimonials (reviews). Examples are in the video.

If you still need more, here are two resources for you.

Gary Bernier
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