The Worst Internet Marketing Strategy – EVER!

The Worst Internet Marketing Strategy – EVER!

The worst Internet marketing strategy is really not having a keyword strategy.

If you are not sure what a keyword is first you need to click here to learn about keywords.

The Internet holds the promise of being able to market to the world.  Everyone looks for things online.  The amount of products and services sold online is staggering.

The allure of selling online is like the call of the siren and marketers to get you to buy their advice with the promise of making millions while you sleep use this call.

And to a point they are right.  You can make millions.  You can make millions while you sleep.  You can sell to the entire world while sitting in your underwear at your computer.  That is all true.

But here is the part they are not telling you.  While you can sell to the entire world, you are also competing with the entire world and everyone wants to be on page one.

The entire world is competing with you for 10 spaces offered by Google.  And do you really think your tiny little site that was built on the weekend will really be a match for Goliath.  It can be, but you need to have a good strategy.

To understand the what is a good strategy lets first look at what I like to call The Worst Internet Marketing Strategy – ever.

The Worst Internet Marketing Strategy 

is really only one of two strategies

The Worst Internet Marketing Strategy is really one of two strategies.

The first strategy I like to call the “I believe in miracles” strategy.  This approach is one where the Internet marketer does some keyword researcher and finds a really popular keyword.

This is a keyword with awesome traffic.  It generates millions of searches a month.

The budding Internet marketing has a dream to dominate this space and builds a site with the goal of dislodging the emombancts.

But think about this.  The sites that dominate this space already get millions of visitors.  How do you really think you will break into this space? 

These sites also make millions of dollars and will defend this space with vigor.  You are not going to break into theses highly competitive spaces.

This is like attacking a tank with a feather pillow.  Not a good approach.  While this is a bad approach it is not the worst Internet marketing strategy.

The Worst Internet Marketing Strategy

The other poor strategy is to find an obscure keyword and start building the site with little or no research.  I call this strategy the emperor has no clothes.  What often happens is that these keywords have little or no competition, so it is easy to get ranking, but has also little or no traffic.  Because there is little or no traffic there is also little or no business.  This too is a bad strategy.  But it is not the worst strategy ever.

The worst Internet strategy ever is to fight over a low traffic keyword that has lots of competitors.  Each competitor is beating their brains out to standout and is fighting over a place with little potential.

The scary thing is that I see this all of the time.  That is why it is important to do your research and to find high volume, low competition keywords:  and they are out there.

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