Escape The Media Sales Trap

Media sales reps are calling on you. Each showing up with their case studies, client testimonials and success stories. Each saying “my media is the best”. Have you taken chances; tried a few, and gotten mixed results? Never finding the one that works like wild fire. Never finding the one that produces a predictable flow of new prospects.

If this is you, then you are caught in “The Media Sales Trap”.

Here’s the brutal truth. A media salesperson is just that – a salesperson – not a marketing expert. They’re never going to recommend you buy someone else’s media. It’s their job to sell you their media.

In selling their media they are going to talk all about Reach. Reach is the number of people that will potentially see or hear your ad.

Reach Is Not The Holy Grail

They talk about Reach like it is  the most important single factor to success. Let’s run this through the commonsense engine for a minute shall we? Reach is the easiest thing to buy. If Reach were the problem, then buying more media would be the solution. Do you think that just buying more will magically change the success of an ad? Maybe the problem is that you are not reaching the right people – this is called targeting.

The media sales reps talk about targeting (we have the right people) and reach (we have the most people). This focus on targeting and reach causes you to compare one media to an another media. asking yourself, “Which media is the best?” This creates The Media Sales Trap. The trap where it feels your most important marketing decision is which media to use, when you should be focused on your message. What your going to say. Because an ineffective ad reaching lots of the right people is still an ineffective ad. Targeting and reach do not make your ad more effective. A good message does.

The media companies are unable to solve your messaging problem. Because, they think they can solve it quickly. Well that is just insulting. If it could be whipped together in a few hours work we believe you could have figured this out by now. No, this is hard and takes time. Here is the dirty secret they do not want to share. You are their customer, but so is your competition. They cannot give you all of their best ideas. That would be unfair to their other customers, but there is another problem.

Media salesman don’t track the results of your campaigns. Sure, they‘ll ask “How did it go?” And, you will tell them. But this is not tracking. They do not ask for actual sales numbers or track the trends. Let me ask you this, how do you avoid repeating failures or model success if you are not tracking results?

Frankly, when a campaign does not work – they have no idea. Because they have no data. That’s the truth. But what they can measure is Reach. Remember Reach. Here is the beauty of Reach. They will tell you the campaign failed because it needed more Reach. That means you need to spend more! Ca Ching, they just hit their sales quota.

How To Create A Predictable Source Of Leads

You know you have a better service then your competition. You wish more people could see that. Yet you struggle to express your businesses secret sauce. When you do, it either sounds too complicated or like something that your competitor would say.

That’s what makes our Uncovery Process so different. We spend two days with you getting to know you and your business and we don’t stop until we figure it out. Our process guarantees that we will uncover what makes you, your business, and your services special and unique. We then figure out the angle from which to present that to the world so that you look and sound different from your competition.

We believe the message is the key to successful advertising, and we have the proof to back it up.

When your ads are different, when your uniqueness is exposed to the world, it will result in a steady stream of leads. Your secret sauce will be on display for the world and your prospects will see you as the only one they want to do business with. We know the secret is the quality of your message. Therefore when we work for you we will NOT work for your competition.

That’s right we are exclusive, we won’t work for your competition! You get unique uncopyable ads. No more mediocre messages presented by a Media Salesperson.

You will never have to deal with a Media Salesperson again. We create your message, select the media and negotiate the purchase. We get no commission or kick backs from the media companies. We get paid directly by you and it is tied to your growth. So we are motivated to do this right and get it done at the best possible price. Our motivation is your results.

By focusing on results, not the media, not only do we eliminate The Media Sales Trap but there is one other surprising benefit. We have spent over $1 Billion Dollars in advertising and have measured the results of each and every campaign. This means we know what works.

What we have is proof. Other business owners that have partnered with us that have out grown their competition. They have become the leader in their market, gotten so big they have had to expand to new markets to stay in double-digit growth. These owners have squashed their competition, and gotten rich doing so.

Take the first step and spend 90 minutes with us CLICK HERE to get started.

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