Advertising Landing Page

Advertising Landing Page

An advertising landing page is where you convert the leads from your Internet advertising or Internet marketing campaigns into prospects. 

Ok, enough of the marketing jargons.  An advertising landing page is where you turn your efforts into money.  This is where the rubber hits the road. I bet I have your attention now.

I could go into the design aspect and branding elements and while, they are important, it is the strategy that rules the success of the outcome.  That’s right, it is not how pretty your  landing page is it is how you use it that counts.  Or I could say it is not how big the buttons are but how many people click them.  I could go on but I might get an R rating from Google.  I know you are here to get information.  So here is what I mean.

Driving Traffic To Your Advertising Landing Page

You have spent money on Internet advertisements in order to drive traffic to your landing page.

But just because you have a visitor does not guarantee a sale.  This is how you convert your visitors.

This article is geared towards sites that sell high prices products or services.  In my experience selling high priced products and services require the development of a relationship and trust.  To do this you need to communicate with them.

In other words, you need to get their contact information to build a relationship with them and develop trust.  Ultimately, you may need to meet them before you can close the sale.  So the objective is their contact information.  This requires a strategy.  Not just an advertising landing page that demands their contact information in exchange for information.

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To convert a visitor to prospects requires a strategy.  Far too many Internet marketers feel that all it takes is a pretty button and people will click on it and provide their contact information.  Did I mention that success on an advertising landing page is not about having a pretty button but how you use it.  Now is time to learn how to use it.

Have you had this happen?  You need some information and you do a search.  Google displays the search results and some Internet advertisements.  If you are like me, what catches your eye is an offer of information (like a report or white paper) that promises to answer your questions.  You click on link to the information and you are delivered to the advertising landing page.  You are offered the information and you see the pretty button.  But you are also asked for your email address.  Do you give it?  Do you hesitate?  I sure do.  Example: GoalsEvolution.com

This happens because, you, the advertisers are asking for something and have not created any trust.  This is the Internet.  Your visitor has no idea what you are going to do with their contact information.  They have no idea if the information you are going to give them is valuable.  But the rub is that you want their contact information.  So what do you do?  Do you really think adding the disclaimer that you will not share their information builds the trust that you need?  Here is what you need to do.

Provide the visitor with what you promised.  Great information and content.  That is what your advertising landing page will provide, pretty buttons and all.  But after you have given them what they requested (with great content) you are going to offer them some additional information.

This needs to be created in a strategic manner.  The content you offer needs to be attractive to your potential visitor so they will come to your advertising landing page.  Then the content you provide must be complete and interesting so that you are seen as an expert and gain trust.  Then you provide additional content to gain the email address.  But the journey does not end there.  There is the potential that they have given you an unattended email address just to get the information.  So what I like to do is get their mailing address.  So the next step is to provide them with some additional information or offers that is only mailed to them.

This is the strategy.  By the time this is done they have read your information, asked for more and in the process given you their email address.  Then you they have done it again and given their mailing address.  By this time, they are well on the way to buying.

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