What is a squeeze page?

So what is a squeeze page?  Many people frequently use the terms “landing page” and “squeeze page” interchangeably, but actually, they are different types of web pages that serve different purposes.  A squeeze page is a simple page that is used to capture an email address.  There are two choices:  leave or give the email address.

A landing page is a page that you drive traffic to that fits your prospect’s frame of mind.  (Click here to learn more about landing pages)

How to Use a Squeeze Page to Increase Conversion

The power of squeeze pages is that, when used correctly, it increases conversion rates by 50-75%.  What I am about to share with you is a secret that few truly understand.  This idea is very controversial so please read this entire article before deciding how you want to use this information.

To do this you must do something counterintuitive.  And that is to make you prospect do more.  Here is what I mean.  This strategy is called a 2 Step Opt-in, and here is how it works.

The 2 Step Opt-in

First, you drive your traffic to a landing page that offers your visitor something of interest.  You provide details of the offer and why they should be interested in the offer.  On the landing page, you will have a download button.

What is a squeeze page?
When the visitor clicks the download button, it drives to a squeeze page.  The squeeze page asks for the name and email of the visitor. 2 Steps.

Right about now, I am sure you are thinking, 1 step is simpler and easier so should work better.  You would think.  But you are wrong.   Test after test has proven the 2 step opt-in to have a significantly higher conversion rate.  And here is why.

The more you involve the visitor and the more you make them do, the more committed they become.  This has been proven in study after study after study.  The best thing I can recommend is that you try and test it.

When do I use a Squeeze Page vs. a Landing Page?

Do not drive traffic to a squeeze page.  Without being given a good reason, visitors are not going to give you their contact information.  Drive them to the landing page first.  But do not let them get what you offer at the landing page.  That happens on the squeeze page.  Got it.  2 Steps.

What is a Squeeze Pages Key Element for conversion?

To have a high converting squeeze page, you need a good landing page.  One cannot exist without the other.  In order for your landing page to be effective, you must always provide web visitors with limited offers they could not resist.  The more specific the offer, the higher the conversion.  Offer something small and easy.  Checklists, templates, and short reports are better than eBooks and white papers.  Create a target market and give them something that is targeted to them.

At the end of the day, every successful online marketing campaign starts with having a well-defined target audience. Doing so will help you craft your communication message as effectively as possible.

And this is where the headline comes in. Always remember that this piece of copy is probably the only text your potential subscribers will read. Make sure your headline should ultimately answer one question that your potential subscriber has: “What’s in it for me?”

Lastly, make things easy for the potential subscribers. Limit your sign-up form with a maximum of two fields and stick with only the basics – complete name and email address. By doing so, they will not think twice about providing their contact details.

Now you know what is a squeeze page, and we recommend taking a look at ClickFunnels for creating your squeeze pages and landing pages.

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