What is a Landing Page and Why are they Important?

What is a Landing Page
Why is it Important?

So what is a landing page?

A landing page is kind of like a landing strip – it is where your prospect lands (and hopefully safely without much turbulence) after clicking on an ad, article or search.  Since this article is about Internet advertising I am going to call a landing page the page your visitor lands on after clicking on your ad.

A properly designed Internet advertising marketing campaign needs to incorporate the use of landing pages.   Getting this right will spell the difference between making money and losing money on your Internet advertising.

Nothing will have a greater impact on your pocketbook than your landing page. 

If you Internet advertisement fails to attract attention it does not cost you anything other than lost opportunities.  But once that ad is clicked on, it costs you money, and if you are like me, you want it to be money well spent – not wasted.  Many Internet advertising marketing campaigns have poorly designed landing pages or worst use the home page or a product page as the landing page.

What Is A Landing Page? What makes it Good? And Gives Them What They Are Looking for..

Imagine this.  Your prospect is doing a search.  They could be looking for shoes, lawn care services or information – such as “what is a landing page”?  They see the ad that offers the answer to the question that is burning in their mind, in this case “what is a landing page”?  She clicks on the ad and it goes to the home page.  Where is the answer to her question?

Let me ask you this?  Do you really believe she is going to search around your site to find the answer, or the product she is interested in? Unlikely.

Her burning desire is to find what she is looking for as quickly and as easily as possible.  Your ad needs to take her to a landing page that gives her what she wants.  Full stop, end of story.

what is a landing page

If you fail to follow this advice you will end up with the worst-case scenario for Internet advertising marketing.  You will have a great advertisement that attracts lots of clicks and no one staying to look at your site costing you lots of money and giving you no results.

I often get push back on this idea.  The protests that I hear is that you have other things you want them to know about you.  The Kool-Aid you have been drinking is that if they come to your home page they will fall so in love with the graphics and navigation that they will never want to leave.  Your home page is like a warm comfortable bed on a cold night. Seductive and soothing.  If you believe that – good luck to you. 

The internet is a cold and hard place with massive opportunities and equally large competition.  You need to use the right strategies to engage the prospect and develop them into a customer.  It all starts with giving them what they are looking for – quickly and easily.  Otherwise, they will click away as quickly as they arrived.

A Good Landing Page Will Save You Money

Still not convinced of the importance of a good landing page?  Then how this..  It will save you money.

Yes, a good landing page will make your Internet advertising marketing campaigns less expensive.

How is that?  Glad you asked.  When you build an Internet advertising marketing campaign one of the objectives is where the advertisement gets placed.  The placement of the advertisement is determined by two factors:  how much you are willing to pay (price) and the quality score of the landing page.  That’s right, Google will look at the landing page of the advertisement and the more relevant the information is on the landing page the higher the quality score.  So if your landing page is your home page or some other page that does not connect with advertisement you will have a low quality score and you will have to pay more money to get that page placement you desire.

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