Squeeze Page vs Landing Page

What is a Squeeze Page vs Landing Page?

“What is the difference between a squeeze page vs landing page?”

Both are pages that have a specific purpose in your Internet advertising campaign.  First, let’s look at landing pages.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a page that an Internet advertisement points too. This is the page a visitor will “land on” after clicking on an ad. 

Smart, rich marketers create very specific landing pages that are catered to and fit the advertisement.

Lazy, poor marketers point ads to the home page or a general product page.

Have you ever clicked on an advertisement for something like shaving brushes only to land on a page that is full of a ton of shaving products including creams, razors as well as brushes?  So much stuff that you cannot find what you are looking for.  Do you stay?  I know I don’t. The advertiser just spent a bunch of money to get a visitor to the site and just flushed that money down the drain.

The reason why talented and successful Internet advertisers use landing pages in their campaign is that they work, they can also save money on your advertising.

A well-designed Landing Page can also save you money.  Google uses an idea called a Quality Score to determine how much your ads cost.  The higher the Quality Score the less you need to pay for your adsClick Here to learn about quality scores.  (need a link for landing page quality) 

What is a Squeeze Page?

A squeeze page is a type of landing page with a very specific purpose. 

Have you ever seen the offer for report that when you click on the download button you are taken to a page that asks for your email address and other information?

You have two choices; you can fill in the information or leave.  This is called a Squeeze Page.

It has been proven in many studies that a Squeeze Page has a higher conversion than asking for the email address on the main landing page.  There are many theories as to why, but the important thing is that it can increase conversion.  And increasing conversion is like money in the bank.

The best thing to do for your site is to test the results using a Squeeze page versus not using a Squeeze page. Internet marketing advertising is all about testing, testing and testing.  You will often be surprised by what you find.

When to use a Squeeze Page vs Landing Page

Great Internet advertising strategies leverage the difference between a squeeze page vs landing page.

The flow goes like this:

Squeeze Page vs Landing Page
Landing Page Process Overview

1. The visitor types in the keywords and the ad is shown. The ad is shown when a visitor types in a specific keyword or keyword phrase.

2. The ad attracts the visitor’s attention and the visitor clicks on the ad.  The ad then takes the visitor to the Landing Page.  The ad is tiny no more than 95 characters but it is designed to get attention and attract a click.

3. The Landing page then needs to immediately reassure the visitor that they are in the right place.  It needs to provide the information that the visitor is looking for.

4. Turn this visitor into a lead you need to get their contact information.  This is your opportunity to offer them some additional information to help them.

This offer then drive the visitor to the Squeeze Page where you collect their contact information.

It is my experience that this flow works.  You need to gain the trust of the visitor and take your time before you ask for contact information.  Ask too soon and the visitor will just bounce away.

We use ClickFunnels to create all of our squeeze page vs landing page as it saves us a tremendous  amount of time because it has a quick and easy to use drag and drop interface no need to know HTML and it comes with a ton of great templates that are easily customized.

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