The Best Landing Page Design

Best Landing Page Elements

If you’re looking to create the best landing page, it is helpful to arm yourself with what goes into a great landing page.

There is no such thing as an A+ landing page. That’s because business goals vary from one company to another. However, there are common elements in all topnotch landing pages that make them successful.

Clear Call to Action

Most marketers make the common mistake of giving too many options to the visitor of a landing page. The best landing page is single minded about the options provided.  Whether you want them to shop, sign up, try your product, or see your video, be single-minded about the options you provide.

As with all marketing campaigns, it helps to keep it simple. After all, research has proven that the more choices you offer people, the longer it takes for them to make a decision. With this knowledge available at hand, it is important to make your landing page as simple and as clear as you can. The best landing page focuses only on one call-to-action.

Effective Headline

Whether you’re trying to market an e-book, a weight loss product, or a tutorial service, always remember that every potential buyer that comes to your website has a problem. The job of a landing page is to illustrate how your products and services can solve that problem. The best landing page will have a resonating headline that does  of 50% of the job, so your goal is to make sure it speaks to them.

When you are creating your headline, make sure it speaks directly to your visitor. Otherwise, you lose the opportunity to reel them in, and they’ll be switching tabs to another company before you know it.

Good Visuals

While it is tempting to use a dozen of high resolution images to beautify your landing page, just like your headline, it is best to keep your usage of visuals at a minimum. A simple design with effective use of visuals is crucial in helping you emphasize the call to action.

Here are some tips to guide you on how to optimize the use of visuals in order for you to create a successful landing page:best landing page

  • Use big fonts to emphasize your headline and focus on your selling points.
  • Use bullet points to easily break down big blocks of copy.
  • Use videos because they are proven to increase conversion rate by as much as 80%. They are also more impactful when done right.
  • Use graphics or images that are relevant to your product or service.

Check out our (Link to Free Landing Page) free landing page graphics pack you can download to help you rapidly build your landing pages.

Build Trust
Whether you are selling a product or a service, marketing is all about trust. That is the main reason why Apple or Amazon remains top-of-mind among its large consumer base all over the world.

Thankfully, building trust is not as difficult as it sounds. There are actually plenty of ways to build trust. You can get testimonials from your customers to back up the statements you are making. You can also include research statistics or data to back up your claims. You can even affix accolades, awards or secure badges in your website to establish your credibility.

Just sure that you use these trust elements throughout your sales funnel and not just on your landing page, so you remain consistent all throughout.

Create the Best Landing Page

It may be true that there is no such thing as a best landing page, but these are foolproof techniques you can employ to ensure that you achieve your Internet marketing goals. Summing it up pretty simply, it’s all about being clear about what action you want your visitor to take.

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