Internet Marketing Advertising That Works

Great Internet Marketing Advertising Starts With an Ad That Gets Attention

This is the world of Internet marketing advertising. I am a tiny little ad – no more than 95 characters and you can’t make me larger.  I am plain text – no flashy lipstick on me.  No pictures – my beauty is in my plain fonts.

And like an awkward teen, I am off in the corner with all the other ads. Unless of course you happen to be one of the rich kids and you get listed on top.  And god forbid you try and find me on a phone, then I am completely hidden, but not all is lost.

Internet Marketing Advertising Works

Internet Marketing  works and works well when you understand this one truth.  And the truth is this, your prospect will hit a point where they will actually look for your ad; and in that moment, your tiny, plain, little ad becomes oasis in the desert.

I know what you are about to say “B.S.!!”  But read on and I bet you, you will come to agree with me.  It all has to do with the way we do a search.

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Internet Marketing Advertising Search

Picture this; your prospect is at their computer doing a search.

Let’s say they want to learn how to do marketing and advertising on the internet.  They type in the keywords “internet marketing advertising” and Google returns a list of things that it has found on the web.

The first thing they you do is either look at the ads on the top (the expensive rich kids) or the masses that Google has served up.  I really don’t think people go out of our way to look at the little, non descript, black and white ads along the right hand border.  But they work.  And you are about to learn why.

In the quest for information, your prospect looks at the things that Google has served up, and guess what, it is often not what they were looking for.  What happens then?

Well this is when your tiny little ad enters the land of milk and honey.  Why, because, when their search fails and their questions remain unanswered, they don’t just stop there.  It is at this moment, with hope in their heart, they cautiously look over to those little ads on the side.

Now if you’re little internet ad in the corner answers your prospects questions, then CLICK, your awkward little teen now has a date to the prom.

So the key to great Internet marketing is understanding what is happening in your prospects mind.  What information are they looking for, what keywords do they type in and what does Google serve up in return.  Next, what is missing? The what is missing is the key to transforming the awkward little ad in the corner to the powerful magnet that drives traffic to your site.

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