Advertising Competition – Two Ads Out of 3,000

Hi, Steven Semple. Wizard of Ads partner from Toronto, Canada.

And, what I’d like to talk to you about today is how difficult it is to stand out amongst all of the different advertising that we’re competing with.

And how if you do get an ad standout to recognize it for how special it is.

Back in the 80s, Yankelovich published a study talking about how the urban consumer experience about 3000 ads a day. Now, today it’s believed to be a higher number or like 5000, but the thing got me thinking about is that it is rare for us.

To ever actually see 3000 things together. 

So I think we have a hard time visualizing how big is the number 3000? 

So I’m going to do for you today is got some skittles here. 3000 Skittles. 

A lot of studies have also shown Harvard has done some studies on this and of these 3000 Skittles. 

About a dozen are noticed. After a day of sleep on average, only two are remembered.

You know there’s a lot of people who will say, “I’ve tried advertising, and it didn’t work.” 

Well, maybe the challenges. You’re just one of the 2998 ads that didn’t stand out.

advertising competition

Making my ad, just a little bit colorful; that’s not enough. 

Step back and ask yourself the question, “What am I going to do to cut through the clutter?”

Your advertising competition is not the people in your industry. The advertising competition is not just the businesses in your community. Your ad is competing with these 3000 ads that you have got to beat.

You know some of it is avoiding ad speak. Don’t do the same things that other people are doing. Create compelling characters, random entry creative use of theater of the mind emotional connection speaking like a human being. 

We’re going to share tons of ideas on how to cut through the clutter. Have ads that stand out and beat your competition. I’ll make your king of the hill.

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