Ask the Wizard of Ads

American Small Business Institute the online branch of the Wizard AcademyRoy H. Williams (The Wizard of Ads), Ryan Deiss (CEO of Digital Marketer), and Daniel Whittington spent ten weeks answering small business owners’ marketing questions. Each episode is jam-packed with examples of real ads and campaigns that are working and producing huge results.

Share of Mind (SoM) and Share of Voice (SoV) are explained at around the 11-minute mark. Understanding Share of Voice is key to dominating your marketplace and building an empire.

10:24 The brilliant heartfelt message from Daniel to his Whiskey Tribe and customers of Crowded Barrel Whiskey Co from inside the Fang & Feather.

Praise vs Backlash. Check out minute fifty seven. Do we expect negative feedback to our advertising messages. Absolutely. In fact that is one of the ways you know your message is being heard. We are never trying to purposely offend; however, you can never predict how people will respond. We help our customers grow top line revenue. If they are growing and their business is booming who cares what the crazy people with too much time on their hands have to say.

23:42 Don’t sound like everybody else, because then you just won’t stand out. Empire builders are not copy cats their messages are unique and interesting.

The Lanham Act, copyrights, trademarks and saying things about competitors at around minute 19 is worth knowing about.

May 8th Episode contains good information on mass media buying and at around 45-minute mark provides some good advice on making your website your salesperson. Our teams always include a media buyer. A media buyer will ensure you not only get the best deal for your money but more importantly the right frequency to ensure the success of your campaign.

Near the end of around one hour and ten minutes, Roy talks about establishing your media budget. When possible you should build your budget based upon this year’s target number not based upon last year’s actual revenue number. Budgets are also covered in “The Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads”. It is one of the first things we help our clients calculate to ensure they are spending the correct amount in order to build their empire.

Support Material for May 15th, 2020 Episode.
Wizard of Ads and the Personal People Meter (PPM)

May 25th – Roy talks about Personal People Meters (PPM) the way that broadcast (mass) media is measured and compares the cost with online advertising Pay Per Click (PPC). And, how your website traffic jumps as a result of a good mass media campaign. We have proven that out over and over again for our customers. What is insightful is mass media has an independent third party auditing their numbers, yet we are left to believe the numbers provided by the tech giants.

May 29th is the final episode of “Ask The Wizard of Ads.” For more great content become a member of the American Small Business Institute. In this episode, Roy digs deep into the four archetypes and how to ensure you are speaking to them in your writing and advertising.

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