Setting up Your Sales Engine for Your Business

A webinar Gary did for the Mid-West Family of Companies for their Wicked Smart Series.

How to use Radio and PPC to get both short-term and long-term results.

Many small businesses struggle to get enough leads. Their sales engine is continually running low on gas. Two fundamental problems typically cause this: the first is speaking to an overly small audience. The second is not talking to them frequently enough. When the business decides to reach a bigger audience, they spend all their money on reach and ignore frequency. These are the two most common problems we see with small business marketing.

As Wizard of Ads Partners, we help our clients get their message heard by more people using mass media. Typically radio because it can reach a large audience with the frequency we need to be successful. Simultaneously, it is cheaper than click costs and simpler to record and produce than video/television.

Today every business has integrated some form of digital marketing. A website with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), blogging or content marketing, social media posting, and pay-per-click advertising (PPC/Google Adwords) into what they do. The web continues to grow and change.

These days, aggregators fill up page one of the search engine results and bidding up the price for clicks and making it nearly impossible for the small business to compete. Having a prospect find you these days on the web is more challenging than ever.

To combat this, we use mass media messaging to promote small businesses and direct visitors to their website. We change the paradigm from searching for what you do to heading directly to you.

Sales Engine Measurement
T-12 or Trending 12 is a rolling twelve month total.

We track this success by the trend of your website visits, the keywords used, and the number of phone calls you receive. We refer to these as the leading indicators of your sales engine. If there is more gas going in, there should be more dollars coming out.

Using this strategy, your web presence and digital marketing need to align with the offline messaging to capture all the potential driven its way. Meaning you need to own your page one of the search engine results. It would be best to buy your brand keywords, especially if your visitor is on their mobile phone.

Sales Engine Running on High Octane Gas

The video gives you all the details about what you need to do to implement this marketing strategy for your business to ensure it never runs out of gas.

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