Email Campaign Landing Page How to Create a Winning One

How to Create an Email Campaign Landing Page
Creating an email campaign landing page is not hard in fact it is easy with the tips below.

Have you ever clicked on a promotional offer in an email newsletter only to find out that it will just lead you to the company website? Frustrating, isn’t it?  A proper email campaign landing page needs to be different.

Every email marketing campaign needs its own landing page on your website, so that interested customers can find more information regarding the offer you are promoting in your email.

This is your opportunity to provide the potential buyer more comprehensive information regarding your offer – regardless of whether it is a members’ only discount, a free one-month trial or a sample size product. A targeted landing page provides your potential buyers exactly what you want them to do, so they can easily convert.

We have gathered the most helpful tips for designing an effective e-mail campaign landing page. Some of them are pretty intuitive, but we figured a little reminder would do more good than harm.

1. Remember your target audience.

Just like with any marketing campaign, you should tailor fit your email campaign landing page content to speak only to a certain target audience. A common mistake most digital marketers make is to develop content that tries to fit everyone. It is important to keep in mind that getting traffic from people who do not fit your target demographic would not increase conversions.

2. Always communicate what’s in it for the potential customers.

A lot of times businesses tend to focus on the features of their core product offerings, rather than showcasing the benefits it offers to their customers. Never forget that it is ALWAYS about the customers, so use your email campaign landing page wisely to convince them what’s in it for them by outlining all the advantages they would get in buying your product or subscribing to your service.

3. Make the call-to-action as clear and as visible as possible.

Now that you got the potential customer to click on your link, what’s next? You need to tell them exactly what they should do in order to buy your product, sign up for a service or provide their email address. Never assume that they intuitively know what they need to do. Develop an easy-to-read copy to communicate what exactly they need to be doing next. Always remember that this needs to stand out on the page, so make sure to use contrasting colors and readable fonts in order to make this as hard to miss as possible.

4. Make Use of Trust Elements

When you are trying to get customers to sign up for a service or buy a product, always make use of trust elements such as customer testimonials on your landing page. This will give them the confidence that your products and services work, as well as establish your credibility as a brand or a company.

5. Make the Layout as Simple as Possible.

If there should only be one element that should stand out on your landing page, it should be your call-to-action. Whether it is a button they must click or a form they must fill out, it must be as easy as possible, so they would not think twice of providing their contract information or buying your product.

Email Campaign Landing Page Conclusion

Effective email campaign landing pages boost your conversion rates. These tips are tried-and-tested to help make your landing pages more effective and boost your sales.

At the end of the day, it is all about trust. Creating a landing page for your email marketing campaign is all about establishing that trust so you can surely close the deal with potential customers.

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