Landing Page Success Tips – 5 Tips that will help you

Landing Page Success Tips

These landing page success tips are the key to turning the visitors that come from your internet advertising into prospects.  The following 5 landing page tips will dramatically improve the conversion rate for your internet advertising marketing campaign.

Landing Page Success Tip #1 –
Don’t use your home page as a landing page

Your home page makes a terrible landing page.  When someone lands on your home page it is full of lots of information about your company and the services.  There is navigation and lots to look at.  The visitor clicked on your ad because there was something offered that they were looking for and by taking them to your home page you are forcing them to hunt for it.  They will not have the patience for that.

You don’t need to believe me, here is what Google has to say about this.

When Google ranks ad placements it looks at a combination of bid rates (what you are willing to pay) coupled with a quality score.  Right in their training module they say that advertisements that link to home pages are penalized.

Landing Page Success Tips #2-
Give them what the ad promised

A great internet advertising campaign will start with a great offer.  Give them what your great little internet advertisement promised them.  The offer will compel the visitor to click on the ad and come to your landing page.  Your landing page needs to clearly and simply provide what was promised.  If it was a special offer on a product, it must be that product with the offer.  If it is an offer of information, the information or a download button for the information must be clearly shown.  If the visitor needs to spend time looking to get this information they will leave.

Landing Page Success Tips #3 –
Don’t move too quickly

Trust is earned – don’t move too quickly.  Have you ever seen an ad that offered information you were interested in?  Clicked on the ad and found the landing page and the information offered only to discover that to get the information you need to provide your email address.  Now be honest with me, how do you feel when that is asked of you?  Let me put it a different way.  Do I trust you?  Not likely because trust is earned.  But you have the nice little statement saying that you will not share my email or spam me.  How very nice.  But you have already lied to me.  You promised me information and now you will not give it.  Trust is earned.  So earn it.  Give the visitor what they wanted and make it really good quality.  Now you have earned trust and a reputation.  Remember, your content maybe excellent but I do not know it until I see it and I have been burned by others.

I know you want to get the email address so that you can keep in touch.  Read that next tip to learn how to get that precious email address so you desire.

Landing Page Success Tips #4 –
Provide a bonus to earn an email

Provide a bonus to earn an email.Landing Page success tips

The key to internet advertising marketing is being able to convert visitors into prospects and prospects into customers.  A great internet advertisement will have the visitor clicking and coming to your landing page.  A great landing page will have the visitor taking advantage of your offer.  Now, provide them with an additional offer – a bonus.  But to get this offer you are going to ask for an email.  And at this point you have earned it.  You have earned trust by delivering on your first offer.  And if that offer is really good, they will want more.

Now you are able to keep in contact with the prospect.  But the email address maybe an unattended email address.

Landing Page Success Tips #5 –
Offer another bonus to earn a mailing address

Get even more commitment and get their mailing address.

Here is what I mean by that.  A search is done and your little internet advertisement in the corner lures the visitor with the promise of the wisdom and insight.  The visitor arrives on the landing page (by now you know to have a page that delivers what was promised) and they get the information they are looking for.  It might be a report downloaded or some other another offer.  Now, offer a bonus.  Some other information that your visitor will want and at this point you have earned the right and the trust to ask for their email address.  They provide their email address and get the bonus.

Now give them one more bonus to get their mailing address.  Now you have their mailing address, email address and you have provided them with 2 bonuses – that they have valued.  Your relationship is well on its way.

Apply these landing page success tips will help you create an internet advertising program that will have higher conversion and put money in your pocket.

The best tip, the bonus tip,  is to use a system to create your landing pages that makes life so much simpler and easier. You should see what you can do with ClickFunnels it is amazing. We use it all the time to build our landing pages.

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