Benefits of Internet Advertising

The Benefits of Internet Advertising

When I read most articles on the benefits of Internet advertising I feel like I am reading an art book that states the Mona Lisa is popular because she has a really nice smile.  Really, that is all that you have?  If that was the insightful comment from the pipe smoking, leather patched intellectual at the front of the room I personally would have to leave.  That is exactly how I feel when I read these articles that list the benefits as a measurable, global, and you only pay for the ads that work.  That’s it, that is all you have, a really, really nice smile.

The major benefit of Internet advertising lies in the ability to get your message to your prospect through the backdoor.  By the way, one of the amazing things about the Mona Lisa is that no matter what angle you look at the painting the perspective is that she is looking right at you.  The magic is in her eyes.  Are you ready to learn about the eyes?

Making sales today is harder than ever because your prospect is deep inside a Sales Fortress.

Yes, they have built a fortress with high, thick walls and a deep cold moat.  They are protected by call display, voice mail, anti-spam software.  They have a thick skin, so that they can hang up the phone and throw out letters without even reading them.  But you can assault the fortress.  You can fire 10,000 brochures to slam against the fortress walls and release your sales force to loudly pound on the gates.  And yes, if your assault is successful 100 or 200 of your brochures will get through.

But even then, the battle far from over.  Those soldiers are now inside the fortress but the arrows of skepticism, distrust and apprehension rain down on them.  Little does your prospect know that you are not to be feared?  You want to help them.  As a matter of fact, working with you can make their lives a better place.  But unfortunately, the heart of this message is skewered with arrows and is bleeding to death on the battlefield.  The louder you pound on the gate the more your prospect fears you.  The greater the assault, the more armored they become.

This is the battle plan based upon traditional marketing.  Interrupt the consumer, get their attention, and force them to listen.  Wage war and turn them to your will.  But it is a whole new world out there and the prospect, your prospect, does not need to pay attention and has better tools than ever to withstand your barrage.

And you know this to be true.

One of the Big Benefits of Internet Advertising

But there is a better way.  This is one of the big benefits of Internet advertising.

While the battle is being raged outside the walls your Prospect wearily climbs the stairs to the top of tallest tower in the fortress.  Spiraling up and up, climbing higher and higher to rise about the noise of the battle below.  From there your prospect cautiously peers over the fortress walls in search of answers.  In search of the solutions to their problems.  In search of ways to make their kingdom better, more prosperous, safer.  The Prospect gazes into the crystal ball and asks questions, hoping to gain answers.  It is at that moment, they are open to your message, but only if you deliver it as salvation and not as a poisoned tipped arrow.

The Prospect of today is both guarded and open.  They are guarded against any message that does not meet what they are seeking.  The marketer of today understands this and crafts a message that answers the question that they are asking. A message that rises above the noise and fits what the prospect is seeking.  And with Internet advertising you know the words they have typed in and the solutions they seek.Benefits of Internet Advertising

Google Ads one of The Benefits of Internet Advertising

Once you understand this you can craft powerful and magnetic Internet ad.  The benefits of Internet advertising is not in the smile, it is in the eyes that the magic is to be found.

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