Adwords Landing Page Quality What do you need to know about it

What Do You Need To Know About Adwords Landing Page Quality

In order to help digital marketers track and monitor the performance of their online advertising activities, Google has come up with a standardized formula to measure Quality Score.

There are basically three main metrics that affect Quality Score:

  1. Click-through Rate
  2. Ad Relevance
  3. Landing Page Relevance

As landing page relevance cannot be optimized directly within an AdWords campaign, most digital advertisers focus their efforts on improving their click-through rates and ad relevance.

In reality, however, having a well-designed landing page can help you achieve an optimal Quality Score that not only helps you reduce ad spending but increase your conversion rate.

How is Landing Page Relevance Measured?

There is definitely no question that landing page relevance is an important metric to consider. However, how exactly is it measured?

Google has come up with three different levels in order to help you assess your landing page relevance:

  • Above Average – You have achieved the highest rating and your Quality Score will not be negatively affected as a result of your landing page experience.
  • Average – You have achieved an average rating and your Quality Score will not be negatively affected as a result of your landing page experience.
  • Below Average – You have achieved a poor rating, which consequently may affect your Quality score.

What Factors Affect Landing Page Relevance?

When assessing your landing page relevance, you should keep the following in mind:

1.    Relevance

Make sure your landing page is directly relevant with the keywords and information shown in your ad. It should also be linked with your core product or service offering.

2.    Clarity and Uniqueness

It is important to keep your landing page as clear, unique and concise as possible. Make sure that your landing page zeroes in on the unique selling proposition (USP) of your core product or service offering. This allows you to establish strong differentiation versus your competitors.

3.    Trustworthiness

Your landing page should promote your business’ integrity and honesty. You can do this by providing your full contact information, as well as outlining the features of the products and services that you are offering.

4.    Ease in Navigation

Make sure that your landing page is simple and easy to navigate. Within a click or two, visitors should be able to find information they need to know about your products and services. As a general rule, do not make it extremely difficult for your potential customers to buy your products or subscribe to your services. Instead, make the call-to-action as visible as you can.

Why Should I Give Importance to My Landing Page Experience?

Advertisers are often caught up developing long tailed keywords and improving click-through-rates that they forget to take a step back and look at the big picture. At the end of the day, your online advertising campaign is only as good as the success of your conversion rate. Thus, the importance of a good landing page experience could not be emphasized further.

There are tremendous benefits to an improved landing page relevance and high Quality Score. You will enjoy increased traffic volume and more pay-per-click leads. And best of all, you will also get to enjoy improved conversion rates.

Truth is, all you have to do in order want to maximize your landing page relevance and get the most out of your AdWords campaigns is always stick to these guidelines and make a point to continuously test and improve:

  • Landing page should be relevant.
  • Landing page should be seen as trustworthy and credible.
  • Landing page should be easy to navigate.

Once you’ve done so, you should be able to reap the fruits of your efforts immediately.

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