Bingeing Boredom, Netflix Neverland, and Social Scrolling

Bingeing Boredom – when you can no longer stay in front of your TV, brought on from excessive bingeing due to a lack of other entertainment. Netflix Neverland – you might feel like you have reached the end of Netflix. All the new content appears to have subtitles. You’re up to date on all your regular shows, …

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Repetition in Marketing

Repetition in Marketing and it’s importance FULL TRANSCRIPT BELOW:Daniel Whittington: Welcome to American Small Business Institute. I’m again here with Mr. Stephen Semple. And today, we’re gonna talk about repetition in marketing. And this is coming from a digital-first perspective, right? I’m gonna warn you; he’s saying things. Scary things for digital-only people. So what …

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Corporate Internet Marketing Strategy

Four Vital Corporate Internet Marketing Strategy Tips The goal of any good corporate internet marketing strategy should be to get more customers and build the corporate brand.  A key tool to doing this is the website. A website is made up of three essential components: URL/Hosting, graphics/design, and written content. Many website creators are preoccupied …

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