Getting Started Is Easy

Others want to setup a meeting to tell you how great they are and sell you a bunch of stuff; we believe that it is better to work with you and provide value. Our process is different (click here for process overview). We act like partners and work with you to earn your trust.

The first step starts with you booking a complimentary 90 minute How to Boom Your Business Starter Session. This business growth session is conducted via video or telephone conference. In this session we will review your completed Starter Kit and you will learn the two mistakes every service business is making marketing their business as a result of the “Media First Trap” and how to avoid them. These mistakes are crippling your business growth.

WARNING! After revealing these mistakes you’ll update your membership in the flat forehead club and scream “Doh!” like Homer Simpson!

How this session works:

  1. Book 90 minutes using our on-line booking system, immediately receive a confirmation email of the meeting time.
  2. You’ll receive a Starter Kit package that includes a Scorecard and Questionnaire via email.
  3. Receive the video / telephone conference details via email.
  4. Return the completed Scorecard and Questionnaire (aka How To Boom Your Business Starter Kit).
  5. Conduct the business growth meeting and you’ll uncover the two marketing mistakes that are caused by the “Media First Trap” that are holding your business back.


Click on “Set time zone” to start scheduling your “How To Boom Your Business Starter Session”!

The Rules:

  • The meeting will be cancelled if we don’t receive your completed Starter Kit one business day in advance. To be helpful we need time to process the information you are providing.
  • There will be NO sales pitch! If you want to hire us click here to see the process and what it costs.